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Blustoreweb ™ - Water temperature sensor

Blustoreweb ™ - Water temperature sensor

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Precise and Reliable Water Temperature Sensor

The Water Temperature Sensor is the essential tool for accurately measuring and monitoring water temperature. With a wide measurement range and reliable accuracy, this sensor provides you with accurate data to ensure proper thermal control and safety of your aquatic environments.


Accurate Temperature Measurement: Precisely monitors the thermal variations of the water.

Thanks to its high measurement accuracy, the Water Temperature Sensor offers you the ability to precisely monitor temperature changes in the water. With a measurement accuracy of 0.5℃, you can count on this sensor to provide reliable and accurate readings for your specific needs.

Tough and Durable Design: Built to withstand harsh environmental conditions


The Water Temperature Sensor is designed with a durable, high-quality design to ensure long life and reliable performance over time. Constructed of water-resistant materials, such as plated ABS and PC, this sensor can withstand harsh environmental conditions without compromising its functionality.

Simple and Practical Installation: Easy to install and use without complications


The installation of the Water Temperature Sensor is simple and hassle-free. With its intuitive design, you can install the sensor easily and quickly. No specialized skills are needed to use it. Once installed, the sensor will immediately provide you with accurate water temperature measurement, making thermal monitoring convenient.


  • Temperature Measurement Range: 5-85℃ (plating color), 5-85℃ (white)
  • Temperature Measurement Accuracy: 0.5℃
  • Type: Water Temperature Sensor
  • Material: ABS (plating), PC
  • Dimensions: 81.0 x 80.6 x 30.0mm

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