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Blustoreweb ™ LED light with motion sensor

Blustoreweb ™ LED light with motion sensor

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LED strip with motion sensor

Discover the convenience and efficiency of our Automatic Light Sensor Lamp designed to instantly illuminate dark environments. With its intelligent design and motion detection functions, this lamp offers reliable and convenient lighting without the need for manual intervention.

Automatic lighting in the dark

Thanks to the built-in light sensor, this lamp automatically activates when it detects low light conditions in the surrounding environment. No more worrying about looking for the switch in complete darkness.

Bright and versatile LEDs

The lamp is equipped with LED light beads that provide bright and efficient light. The different models available feature varying styles and numbers of beads, allowing you to choose the solution that best suits your aesthetic and lighting preferences.


Effortless magnetic installation

The lamp is easily installed thanks to the practical magnetic fixing method. Simply remove the back sticker from the magnet included in the package and place it on your desired wall or cabinet. The lamp will attach securely to the magnet, allowing you to easily move it when needed.


Custom lighting modes

With a simple tap, you can select between two lighting modes. Press the switch to get constant light, ideal for creating a cozy atmosphere. Press it again to activate motion detection mode, allowing the lamp to automatically turn on when it detects motion in the surrounding area.

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Technical specification sheet:

  • Power supply: Battery or electrical connection (depending on the model)
  • Bulb type: energy efficient LED
  • Lighting mode: Constant light and motion detection
  • Mounting method: Magnetic installation
  • Material: Durable and quality
  • Dimensions: They vary depending on the model selected


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