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Blustoreweb™ - Multifunctional Automatic Jar Opener

Blustoreweb™ - Multifunctional Automatic Jar Opener

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Multifunctional Automatic Bottle Opener - Ease and practicality in opening bottles and jars


Our multifunctional automatic bottle opener is the perfect companion for opening  jars of all kinds, making this difficult task a breeze. Thanks to its convenience, ease of use and elegant design, you will be able to open bottles and jars quickly and efficiently, without effort or effort. Made of high-quality materials and featuring a non-slip handle and high-efficiency springs, our bottle opener will bring you an effortless opening experience. Don't miss the opportunity to simplify your kitchen life with this essential tool.


Effortless opening

Thanks to its high-efficiency springs and non-slip handle, the jar opener adapts perfectly to the lid without slipping, ensuring quick and effortless opening. No more struggling or using excessive force to open bottles and jars.

Ease of use for everyone

Equipped with an easy-to-use button, the bottle opener is suitable for people. Now everyone will be able to participate in opening bottles without difficulty. Just press the button and let the bottle opener do the rest.

Elegant design and practicality

Thanks to its compact size, the jar opener can be easily stored in a drawer or on a kitchen shelf, taking up little space. You will always have the solution to open bottles and jars of any size at hand, without having to manually search for them among the tools.


Specifications :

  • Material: High quality (iron plastic)
  • Color: White/grey
  • Power: 2 AA batteries (not included)

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