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Blustoreweb™ - Colored shower head

Blustoreweb™ - Colored shower head

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Adjustable pressurized water shower for a wellness experience

Turn your daily shower relaxation into a luxurious, pampering experience with our adjustable pressurized water shower. This innovative accessory is designed to deliver a powerful, customizable flow of water, allowing you to enjoy a revitalizing and rejuvenating shower. Thanks to its advanced pressurization, you can adjust the intensity of the water to your preferences, creating a gentle rain or an energetic waterfall, depending on your mood. The built-in filter ensures that the water is clean and free of impurities, giving you a feeling of freshness and cleanliness during every shower. With its elegant design and ease of installation, this pressurized shower is the ideal choice to transform your bathroom into an oasis of relaxation and well-being.

Customizable water pressure

Our adjustable pressurized water shower allows you to adjust the intensity of the water flow to your preference. Choose between gentle rain for a relaxing shower or a vigorous waterfall for a revitalizing massage. Personalize your shower experience for total well-being.

Integrated filter for clean water flow

The pressurized shower features an integrated filter that traps impurities in the water, ensuring a constant flow of clean, fresh water during your shower. Enjoy a refreshing shower without worrying about water quality.


Easy installation and convenient maintenance

Installation of the pressurized shower is simple thanks to its intuitive design. Plus, maintenance is convenient thanks to the included replaceable components. Keep your shower in perfect condition and enjoy hassle-free flow of pressurized water.

Specifications :

  • Material: Plastic
  • Shower shape: Round
  • Type: Fixed with support
  • Shower function: Water saving
  • Model: Adjustable pressurized water shower
  • Packing list: 1x Shower + filter included 1(pcs) (depending on the set chosen)

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